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Al Jadeed TV Live Online قناة الجديد الفضائية

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Watch Channels Streaming Tele Al Jadeed  TV Online .  Al Jadeed  TV  Live. Watch Channels Streaming   Al Jadeed  TV  Religious TV. شاهد قناة الجديد من بث مباشر لبنانLive TV stream of   Al Jadeed  TV  broadcast from Lebanon.  Al Jadeed  TV  Online Live .A 24-hour pan-Arab station broadcasting from Lebanon offering general-interest programming in the Arabic language. The launch of Al Jadeed took place on October 4, 2001 in Lebanon and the Arab world. On May 9, 2005, Al Jadeed was launched in America and the Pacific, reaching Arab speaking emigrants in the United States, South America and Australia. A while after its creation, the station began to treat political issues concerning several debates and “scandals” that occurred in Lebanon. Some sensitive cases involved the relationship between the government of that time and the Saudi Arabian Kingdom.شاهد قناة الجديد من بث مباشر لبنان The station was forbidden to broadcast the documentary and was threatened of indefinite closure, both by the Syrian authorities and the Lebanese Government, headed then by Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and President Émile Lahoud. شاهد قناة الجديد من بث مباشر لبنان Free Live  Al Jadeed  TV  Then Please Make Sure You Have The Correct and Latest Media Players Installed.